Friday, November 27, 2009

#20 You too can YouTube

YouTube is nothing less than a phenomenon. No other downloadable video site compares to it. If you are looking for a video on well, anything, YouTube is likely to have it. If you’re looking for home improvement videos, YouTube has them. From installing doors and windows to painting and electric, the do-it-yourself home remodeler needn’t look any further. Libraries, too, are represented in a variety of videos, including “Building Academic Library 2.0” and entire “Gaming in Libraries” course consisting of 33 videos. Of course, funny and entertainment-related videos are here, too. Most of the funny “you gotta see this” videos I get in my e-mail come from YouTube. Sports, and live broadcasts can be seen on YouTube within minutes of when the event occurred, and all over the world. You can find new and old TV shows to watch…the list is pretty much endless. Even what might be considered rare is easy to find on YouTube. “The Sound of Jazz,” broadcast on CBS in 1958, shows performances from the greatest jazz artists ever.

Check out one of my favorite YouTube videos ever: Cookie Monster tries to get cookies at the library (Sesame Street). Awesome!!!

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